Starting an MSA 

1 How can we start an MSA ?

2 We were told that we cannot have a religious club in the school because its promotion of religion. what can we do?

3 Our school wont approve our club. what can we do.

Running an MSA 
1 What areas should MSA concentrate on
2 What are the manners/characteristics of a good MSA
3 Are we allowed to advertise the MSA?
4 Do we need to have a constitution? If yes, then how do we get one?

Establishing Prayers 
1 Are we allowed to pray in school?
2 How can we start Jumaah
3 How to pray?
4 does a Jumaah have to be after dhuhr time?
5 Where do we get Khateebs for Friday prayers from?

1 What are good ways to get people interested in MSA?

           A) how do we get the Muslims involved
           B) how do we get more non Muslims to come

2 How can we make the MSA better known in the school

3 How can we make our MSA better known outside school


Events & Activities

1 What kinds of fundraisers can we do?

2 What are some good events/activities to do?

3 What kinds of activities/fundraisers/events can we do during Ramadan

4 Where can we get speakers for MSA meetings?

5 How can we organize a dinner? What questions do we consider?

6 Where do we get the food for dinners from?

7 How do we raise funds for dinners & events?

Common problems 

1 What do we do if the school administrators give me problems?

2 How can we create unity amongst the Muslims in the school/campus?

3 No one is serious. what can we do to improve the state of the MSA?

4 We have meetings but no one shows up. what can we do as a member/officer?

5 How do you approach the subject of guy/girl relations with young Muslims who don't have a background in this subject?

6 How do we raise funds for the MSA?

7 How do we raise funds for dinners & events?

Interacting with other MSA's 

1 We want to get in touch with other MSA's. How can we do that?

2 How do we coordinate with the other MSA's to have events?

3 What events have been done by other schools and have been proven successful?



contact: nvmsa@nvmsa.8m.net