The Khutba

A Few Reminders for the Khateeb so we may all benefit

By Sh. Ad-Duwaish

More attention needs to be paid to the subject of the khutba and it should be discussed more because of its importance:
(1) It is ordered in the Qur'an
(2) Besides the people, the  angels are listening, and more importantly Allah is listening.  Care must be taken to avoid saying anything which is not pleasing to Allah.
(3) More people listen to it than any other medium of Islamic education.  They are obligated to be silent too.  In  contrast, other means, such as the audio cassettes, which are listened to by a group of people, who fit into some category.  For most people, the khutba is the only source of Islamic information.


Jazakumullahu khair, wassalamu alaikum warahmatullah.